Friday, November 15, 2013

End of the First Season

Lion tracks found during one of my many adventures
The 2012 season lasted into March of 2013 for me.  Many days were spent afield either hiking or driving roads in freshly fallen snow looking for tracks, at times chains and shovels were required!  I discovered several recent lion tracks, but was never able to pursue them very far as they always seemed to cross onto private property.   I made countless call stands both with a partner and without, and I will tell you there truly is no experience in the woods like hand calling for Mountain Lions....alone. I am surprised the rates on my life insurance policy did not increase!

In my heart I knew that this season was truly my, "scouting" season. Without putting boots on the ground and my truck tires on 4WD roads, there was no way I would learn about the lions in my area.  At the close of the season I was exhausted.  Trying to work 40 hours a week, see my family, and hunt at least one full day, and sometimes two, a week for three months was tiring.  Colorado offered an April season in 2013, but I chose to take it off and build my enthusiasm for November, 2013.  Over the summer months I once again picked up my lion research.  I read books on the critters, talked with researchers in other states, and schemed up new hunting areas.  If any is interested I would suggest reading a book titled, " The Beast in the Garden "

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