Coyote Tracks

This page is meant to help others identify Coyote sign.  All  tracks are found and identified by myself or hunting companions.  All sign is either confirmed by animal sighting or distinct enough for me stake my reputation on the identification.

Coyote tracks.  Note the triangular elongated toes.  The overall track shape is more oval than rounded.
The presence of claw marks can been seen in front of two toes here.  This track is that of the actual paw pictures below.
Good exampled of Coyote's trot. Coyote trot nearly everywhere they go.  Also note that the tracks nearly direct register.  Other animals besides feline direct register.  It is not uncommon to find coyote tracks like this. 
Another example of trot and gate.
Coyote running through deeper snow.  Note the presence of all four legs, and bound between sets of steps.  This indicates the faster pace. 
Coyote bounding through snow.
This coyote caught a small rodent and eat it.  Notice the amount of movement prior to the blood spot where the coyote hunted for the critter.
Coyote bounding through deep snow.
Coyote front paw.
Coyote scat.
Female Coyote scat with urine cover.
A coyote den.
Coyote Skull 

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