Monday, March 9, 2015

Using Trac Grabbers

Last season I started on an adventure to not only begin writing about my hunting and outdoor life, but to begin filming it as well. Through my short videos I have learned many things about not only filming, and editing, but also how much work it is to do it alone.  My camera man has three legs and is very good at standing in one place, he is a lazy soul but at least he has a steady hand.  My camera man is of course a tri-pod.   Not only have my videos taught me many things, they have also opened up a whole new world of social contact with those on the almighty YouTube.  One of my videos last year put me in touch with Jim Perry of Trac-Grabber.  Jim was starting his new business, with the vehicle recovery tool.

I made a video then of the Trac Grabber and demonstrating how to use it.  The Trac Grabber worked great and was one of my more successful videos.  The little blocks of rubber and strapping then found their way into my truck kit and were left there until this year, when I suddenly found I needed them. I got myself hopelessly stuck in a drift and was quickly able to get myself out.  I set up a camera and this time even had a friend with me.  I shot what I thought was going to be some awesome footage of the Trac Grabber in action.  I was very excited to get home and view the recordings, but sadly this was not to be.  My camera had shut down near the beginning of the adventure and all the footage was lost.

Armed with several cameras and a promise to Jim to return to the drift I went back to snowy lonely high mountain road with a mission.  A mission to once again get stuck and try to recreate some of the lost footage.  The conditions were not brutal as they were the first time I was there, but the drifts were and I buried the suburban up to the frame rails. There I was no help, and all alone with only the Trac Grabbers to get me out once again.  Ok, perhaps I wasn't entirely alone, my faithful canine companion was along for the ride as well.  Within ninety minutes I was back on the road and with not only a renewed faith in the Trac Grabber, but tons of great footage to make a video with.  Here you will find my latest movie and I hope you enjoy.


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